Play the Bran Muffins of DOOM Game!

Simon's very own video game.

The Bran Muffins of DOOM!

Click start, then use the left and right arrow keys to move Simon.

Use the Space Bar to shoot pudding at Mrs. Annand and her evil bran muffins. Don't let them touch the ground!

After you destroy them all, more will come when the timer runs out. You only have 45 seconds...


Exclusive music by The Funkee Boyz.


  1. Lovely feeling, throwing pudding at oneself!
    Got all of the old ladies.

  2. hi martey kelley
    you came to our school today

  3. I LOVE Marty Kelley's books! And I love this game, but it goes on for like ever though and gets kind of boring after a while.

  4. I love twelve terrible things

  5. Hi Marty you came to my school the other day I am the girl that came up to you before I left and told you what my rule was. Tell Marty Kelly that he is awesome every day or every time you see him.��