Music Video

The full video version of The Funkee Boyz hit song, We So Funkee.

The Funkee Boys are: Alex Kelley and Caleb Putnam

Intro by Tori Kelley

Sultry Back-Up Vocals by Adi Rule.

Music by Marty Kelley & The Funkee Boyz

Go ahead, sing along:

Once upon a time we were just like you
Ordinary kids that nobody knew
Then we sang a song at the talent show
Now were more popular than anyone you know.

Touring round the world in a gold plated bus
The whole entire universe is wishing they were us.
We get up on stage and the music starts thumpin’
We make some pouty faces and get our booties bumpin’

We bust a move to this funky, funky beat
And yell to the crowd, “Yo, get out of your seat!”
We got a million people coming to every show
They whine and they cry till their parents let them go.

We sing and dance with limited skill
But that don’t matter, we have looks that kill.
Our hair is amazing, our clothes are all sweet.
We’re much better looking than anyone you meet.

Funkee Boyz
How did they get so perfect?

Funkee Boyz
We love them; they're so handsome.

Funkee Boyz
They'll rock your funkee socks off.

Now the whole world knows who we are.
We’re bigger than the biggest super star.
Other groups complain, say that’s not fair.
We never listen to ‘em, we’re more popular than air.

Your sister loves us, your grandma too.
Everybody loves us, and so do you.
You say you don’t like us. Don’t make us laugh.
You’d pay a million dollars for our autograph.

Your girlfriend thinks we’re as hot as fire
If she say’s she don’t, that girl is a liar
The girls all love our perfect hair
Our faces, our booties and our fashion flair.

Our hair is all dreamy and check out our clothes
You’ll never see a pimple on the end of my nose
We have no flaws in any direction
Photoshop eliminates imperfections

Lookin’ in the mirror 20 hours every day
We have secret fashion tips we’ll never give away
Our sweet melodic voices make everybody swoon
But we’d sound like this without Auto-Tune.

Funkee Boyz
Even your grandma loves them.

Funkee Boyz Check out their funkee style.

Funkee Boyz
They come from Funkee Town, yeah.

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